Wireless Nurse Call Solutions

Enhance Situational Awareness and Alarm Response Effectiveness
One Platform...Multiple Integrated Applications. Customized, Scalable, Integrated Data Management in One Solution.

  • InteleNCS Wireless Nurse Call
  • InteleNCS PORT Portable Nurse Call


InteleNCS - When a Wireless Nurse Call Solution is needed

  • Less costly than hard-wired nurse call systems

InteleNCS PORT - Portable Nurse Call Solution

When Patient Overflow becomes the constant and not the occasional

  • Instantly connect staff with overflow patients - excellent ER solution!
  • Attach wireless, wearable pendants to gurneys, chairs or patients anywhere in department
  • Install Annunciation panel anywhere for visual notification of overflow patient calls
  • Add fall management protection to monitor patients at risk for falls
  • Add wandering and elopement functions to prevent unauthorized door exits
  • Add wireless incontinence management (WIMS) capability